Does your dog run and hide or start panting and shaking when children in the neighborhood set off firecrackers?  Has your dog run away during the Fourth of July celebration?  If so, your dog likely suffers from noise aversion, also commonly known as noise anxiety or noise phobia.  Noise aversion affects two-thirds1 of dog in the U.S.  In fact, shelters report to veterinarians that July 5 is the day that they have the highest number of intakes due to dogs running away during firework displays.2  Other common signs of noise aversion include barking and whining, excessively seeking attention from the owner, cowering, and hyper-vigilance. Even lip licking and yawning are signs that your dog is stressed.

Noise aversion is not just something that dogs experience as a reaction to fireworks, but to many other noises including thunder, construction, celebration, sporting events, traffic noises, etc.  Often dogs who have noise aversion to fireworks also react to some of these other noises. ….for the complete article, click here.

See below for some tips on in home ways to create a safe haven for your pet.


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