Whether your pet is a frequent flyer, or a first timer, check out these helpful tips before your pet’s next boarding reservation!
  • AGE: Geriatric and very young pets may not do well in a high stress environment.  Good or bad, stress is still stress! With all the excitement of new sights and sounds, some pets are easily over stimulated.

Courtesy of DVM360

  • CHRONIC ILLNESS/SPECIAL NEEDS: Pets with illnesses requiring long term medications, and pets with disabilities may need extra care, or more supervision than a standard boarding facility offers.
  • FIRST TIMERS: Consider day boarding, prior to an overnight stay. This allows your pet to become familiar to the surroundings of the boarding facility, as well as the staff.
  • CALM THE NERVES: Ask your veterinarian about products to calm nerves before and during your pet’s boarding stay.

  • UPDATE VACCINES: Call the boarding facility to find out which vaccines are required to board your pet. A quick call to your vet can tell you your pet’s vaccine status. If your pet is overdue for a required vaccine, it is ideal to update two weeks prior to boarding.