Forever in Your Heart

A tender and compassionate goodbye.


end of pet life rainbow bridge poem

Saying goodbye to a long time friend is painful. We are all pet owners at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital. We truly understand the bond between animals and humans and the difficulty involved in the loss of a loved pet.

Anxiety about end-of-life decisions is normal. Having a plan before the crisis will help minimize stress. Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital offers a trained staff to discuss options with you. Our veterinary hospital staff members are animal lovers and understand the emotional attachment you have for your pet and the companionship they provide. When the discussion of humane euthanasia needs to be addressed, clients often ask questions like: “Is my pet suffering?”, “How do I know this is the right time?”, “Have we done all we can do for them?”

The loss of a pet affects each person differently. We are always here to advise and comfort you during this time of transition.

A wonderful website to visit is the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, providing all family members totally free assistance in dealing with your loss.


Our veterinarians will carefully consider many factors before such a decision is made. Among these include the pet’s diagnosis and subsequent prognosis, the stage of declining health, amount of pain they are experiencing, loss of interest in a daily routine, loss of bowel control, loss of appetite, and inability to groom or move. The overall quality of the pet’s life is a big consideration.

Download the Grey Muzzle Quality of Life Calendar App to easily journal your pet’s days on your phone.

During this very emotional time, Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital offers two options. For our established clients, we can perform an in-house service so that you and your pet can be in familiar, secluded surroundings. Equally as common is the in-office option where the passing is in a controlled setting surrounded by comforting and supportive staff. This is a personal decision and needs to be considered as part of the planning process if possible.

We provide a pain-free, peaceful passing. A sedative is given to the patient so they can relax and enter a sleep state before the final injection is administered. You may choose to stay during the whole process or exit after the pet has gone to sleep but before the passing. Our staff will remain with and monitor your pet through the peaceful transition, always attentive to the patient’s and client’s needs.

You may bring your deceased pet home with you for a private burial or we can make arrangements for burial services. Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital has a professional relationship with Pet Rest Cemetery and Cremation Service. They offer private or communal cremation services with or without the ashes returned to the owner, depending on your choice. They also offer a variety of funerary products and plots at Pet Rest Cemetery.