We all love the holiday season and the traditions that come with it…trees, music, visitors, travel, foods and sweet treats, and all the sights sounds and smells that go along with it.  But these can all potentially drive your pets crazy! A stress-free holiday season for you, and your fur baby, makes everyone joyful!  How can you help your pet avoid unwanted stress?

The first step is drawing awareness to the pet’s perspective. The questions below, courtesy of Veterinary Practice News, will help you navigate the holiday season, as a pet parent.  Hopefully, after reviewing this list of questions, and settling on the best answers for you, and your fur family, the

holidays can be all you are hoping for!

Travel plans:

  • Do you plan to travel over the holidays? Car? train/ airplane?
  • Has your pet traveled before? How did your pet cope with that type of travel last year?
  • Do you need to consider sedatives for them this year, to ease their travel experience?


  • Do you plan to host guests over the holidays?
  • How do your pets typically react to visitors?
  • Will the house guests be bringing another pet?
  • Do you know the new pet’s personality and have they met your pet before?
  • Can each pet have their own space?


  • During Halloween, did your pet have issues with the costumes or decorations?
  • Does your pet tend to eat decorations, or climb in the Christmas tree?
  • Do you have indoor plants for the holidays that are potentially toxic and tempting to eat?


  • Does anyone near you shoot off fireworks over the holidays?
  • Are there loud parties in your home, or music to contend with?
  • Do you have a safe room with noise canceling aids, to help a nervous pet?

After reading through this list of questions, and you find you don’t have all the answers, give us a call! We are here to help! There are plenty of options for all pets, from boarding to anxiolytics.  If you are prepared, your pets won’t be scared!

For a more complete list of holiday pet poison tips check out petpoisonhelpline.com !

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