It’s summertime! And with summer, comes travel!  How many of you travel with your pet? (If you just recoiled in anxiety at the thought, we will talk “pet lodging” for your fur babies! If you are excited and “all in” for taking Fluffy or Fido, read on!)

More and more businesses are providing pet-friendly options. As a result, many hotels, parks, camping facilities, and airlines are providing pet travel options, too.  Here are our thoughts to ensure a positive, pet experience:

  1. First and foremost – is your pet up-to-date on all vaccines and preventives?  We can quickly provide copies of vaccine records, on paper or electronically. Keep these documents handy!
  2. Airlines: Call ahead to research your airline’s pet policies.  Some airlines charge a minimal pet ticketing fee, but all airlines are different.
  3. Hotels: Many hotels are very pet-friendly, simply charging a $50 pet room fee upon check-in.  Some brands are super pet friendly and allow pets to stay free.  Check out: Aloft (and their super cool “Arf” program), Kimpton Hotels, La Quinta Hotels (Some do charge a $20 stay), Motel 6, and Red Roof Inns.
  4. Car Travel: Don’t forget to make car travel easy for your pets.  Pack a “pet backpack”, including bedding, toy(s), treats, food, water bowl, leash, and “poo” bags.  Many stores offer cool travel water bottle/bowls for pets. Be sure to stop, as needed, to walk your pet for their potty breaks, too!
  5. Beaches: This is where parasite prevention and flea prevention are paramount!  Sand is a great home for intestinal parasites like hookworms. Administering monthly heartworm/intestinal parasite prevention will make the beach experience a positive one for your pooch.  Be sure to check leash laws and beach policies, before you bring your pet along.
  6. State Parks and Camping: State parks are a great vacation spot for your pet.  How do you know which state parks are pet-friendly? Click here for a current listing.
  7. Pet Lodging and Pet Summer Camp: Are you overwhelmed at this point?  Don’t forget! We offer pet lodging and “summer camp” to help with all of your vacationing needs. Come stay with us at Pet Keepers Boarding Kennel!

Happy Summer and Safe Travels!