What’s in the water?

Not all pets are good candidates for oral pet surgery, nor do they all like to chew.  This is why several options exist for complementary oral health plan.  For example water additives can be used in conjunction with any and all methods of oral hygiene treatments.  Dechra makes the Vetradent water additive that is shown to reduce plaque and tarter by up to 25% and is labeled for dogs and cats.  The other great news is the product is odorless and tasteless so even the most finicky of pets will acquiesce.  The biotrate technology this product possesses allows the pesky bacterial biofilm of the mouth to be broken down for more complete bacterial kill.  This action reduces tartar and plaque.  Just simply add a measured amount to your pets’ drinking water! (This is offered in a liquid or powder form)

Dechra Vetradent Water Additive

Why not wipes?

If the idea of a toothbrush is daunting, try one of Dechra’s Vetradent oral wipes for dogs and cats.  These large flexible wipes are coated in biotrate technology to breakdown bacterial species protective biofilm. This product packs a 1…2 punch because it also limits the food sources for these bacterial agents, allowing them to inhibit bacterial growth in the mouth.  The wipes come scented with a pleasing organic vanilla flavoring that both you and your pet will appreciate!  Simply wrap your index finger and swipe along your pet’s gum line to kick-start some cleaning action!

Dechra Vetradent Dental Wipes

When food fights for you…

Royal Canin is long known for innovative, science based diets.  One we get excited about is the highly palatable Dental diet in the Wellness Care line. This food collection utilizes 3 methods for both dogs’ and cats’ oral health management.  First, the shape and texture of the kibble produce a gentle abrasive action on the teeth as pets chew.  This “tooth brushing” action mechanically starts the cleaning process.  Second, Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) binds with salivary Calcium to make it difficult to form the basis of tartar and calculus. A third method for fighting for clean teeth, is through the use of a proprietary nutrient blend that Royal Canin uses to help reduce plaque build up.

That is a whole lot of good coming from a food that your dog and cat will actually enjoy eating, and you will enjoy the health benefits they bring your pet!

Royal Canin Dental Diet

So no more whining, get teeth shining! Come by and pick your perfect product today!