Outreach, community service, and local involvement…

Recently, a client asked me if we were involved in any of these activities, and if we could share some information on our participation through our blog. These topics are not discussed frequently in our office, as they have become so integrated into our daily lives here at our hospital. I’d like to share with y’all some of the the ways that our practices give back to our community, and ways that y’all can get involved too!

The Charleston Animal Society

Our local animal society is always accepting a steady stream of food, kitty litter, toys, and other various pet supplies. Every day, we also accept these items, as do other animal hospitals near me, donated by our clients and our hospitals. We have a wonderful client who then takes these donations to the local animals in need. If you would like to drop off items to be donated, you’re more than welcome to do so at either of our locations!

University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine

At the University of Georgia College of Veterinary medicine, research is underway to better improve our pets’ lives. By donating weekly to UGA CVM, we are helping to further this research.

Our own Dr. Marian Shuler Holladay (DVM, CVA) is a frequent visitor to UGA CVM, as an alumnus and long time member of the Alumni Association board, for which she is the immediate past president.

Image left, courtesy of Kimberly Corbett, artist, Chuck Jones    Image right, courtesy of UGA College of Veterinary Medicine

Children’s Groups and Schools

We dedicate our time educating the local boy scout and girl scout troops on Veterinary medicine.

We also love volunteering, coaching, and sponsoring the Mt. Pleasant Recreation Department, and career day at local schools giving children a taste of “veterinary life”.

It is important to us to instill care-giving ideas and humane treatment of animals in children, as well as the responsibilities of pet ownership.  It is amazing to see their faces light up as we talk about their own fur families as well!

We are also very connected to supporting the arts in our community.  Many of you may have noticed the sculptures gracing the front of both clinics.  We are part of a rotating sponsorship of Abstract Sculpture by artist Jordan Fowler.  We connected with Jordan originally through the College of Charleston’s Sculptural Art Department. We have had two of his sculptures out in front of Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital (MPAH) and a fairly recent addition to Shuler Veterinary Clinic.  The first sculpture at MPAH was a tall turquoise piece called Undulation.  This piece has found a new home in Decatur Alabama at the Decatur Artway Exhibit. Now, Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital has a new piece called Conductor and our beloved Octopus at Shuler Veterinary Clinic. Stay tuned for new art coming from Jordan as we continue to bring art and interest to our community!