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A Guide to Pancreatitis in Dogs and Cats

The pancreas is a small abdominal organ inside your pet’s body that carries big responsibilities, including secreting hormones that manage blood glucose levels and enzymes needed for digesting food. Many body functions can go awry when the pancreas becomes inflamed, and lead to illness, hospitalization, and death in severe cases.  Although most pancreatitis cases in [...]

5 Halloween Horrors for Pets and How to Avoid Them

Halloween is either delightfully spooky or horribly terrifying — often with no in between. Your pet may feel the same and seem unaffected by all the creepy commotion or frightened by ghosts and goblins. Regardless of how your furry pal feels about Halloween, they are at risk for several hazardous situations. Protect your pet from [...]

Creating a Vaccination Schedule for Your Pet

When you receive reminders that your pet’s vaccinations are due, you may wonder which vaccines they will receive, and if they all are truly necessary. While you may feel that your furry pal doesn’t need vaccinations so frequently, or quite so many, keep in mind that pet and human vaccinations are much different. To understand [...]

Making the Grade: Acing Back-to-School Time for Pets

When it’s time to head back to school, kids and pets alike may groan about their fun-filled summer days being over. While preparing your children for school requires doctor physicals, school supplies, and new clothes—how did they outgrow all their clothes in a few short months?—your pet has different needs for the first day of [...]

Veterinary Rehabilitation: Fitness “fur” Every Pet

Veterinary physical rehabilitation (i.e., physical therapy for pets) is most frequently associated with injured or recovering pets, but this exciting service can benefit every pet—including yours. Here’s a closer look at how veterinary rehabilitation at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital can enhance every pet’s life, no matter their age, ability, or health. Post-operative pets Many pet [...]

Dental Prowess: 7 Reasons Why Pets Need Professional Dental Care

Professional veterinary dental care is about more than improving your pet’s smile. Routine oral hygiene procedures can minimize or prevent periodontal disease—a progressive, painful, and debilitating condition that affects your pet’s teeth, gums, and surrounding bone.  Here are seven reasons why our Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital team recommends professional dental care for all pets.  #1: [...]

Pinpoint Accuracy—Could Acupuncture Benefit My Pet?

Veterinary acupuncture is an ancient but incredibly powerful therapy used to correct internal imbalances, reduce inflammation, and help your pet’s body heal itself. At Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital, we’re proud to offer this time-honored modality along with our modern techniques and technology and to provide your pet with comprehensive and personalized care. Although acupuncture is [...]

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