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Delicious and Deadly: Chocolate Toxicity in Pets

Because dogs and cats metabolize some drugs and foods differently than people, they can be poisoned by products that are harmless to us. The most well-known example is chocolate, which many of us consider a necessity and have readily available in our homes. Chocolate is toxic to many species, but dogs are most commonly affected, [...]

Photobiomodulation: How Does This Treatment Help Pets?

The laser is a frequently used veterinary medicine tool, and many types are available for various purposes. Veterinarians use cold lasers to promote pets’ healing after surgery or injury, or to ease chronic painful conditions. Our Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital team is proud to offer our patients multiwave locked system (MLS) laser therapy—the most advanced [...]

Senior Pet Care 101: Our Top Tips

We’re here to help pets of all ages! Get our top senior pet tips, and remember to schedule your senior pet exams every six months to monitor overall health and catch any issues as early as possible.

Indoor-Only Cats Can Get Parasites Too

Cats can get parasites from rodents, insects, even your dog can bring them in! The fact is, no matter where your cat spends most of their time, it’s important to continually protect them and have fecal screenings every 6-12 months. We would love to give you our parasite prevention recommendations at your next visit! [...]

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