What is an Oral Hygiene Procedure?

Dental disease can develop as early as 6 months of age, and by age 3, 80% of pets will suffer from periodontal disease. Don't worry! We are here to help! Our hospital offers Oral Health Procedures to improve not only your pet's dental health, but also their quality of life. Call today to schedule! [...]

Tall Tails: COVID-19 Edition

Tall tails are told all the time about pets. Let’s debunk some together! Check out the VeterinaryPartner website below for more information. VeterinaryPartner

Trivial PURRsuit: COVID-19 Edition

????Want to test your knowledge? Watch this quick video for some facts! We are open, Monday-Friday, providing curbside care under our COVID-19 protocol. Please call our office before scheduling or arriving, so we can better assist you and your pets. If you have been exposed to the virus or are sick, please let a team [...]

Sanitizer Safety

????Did you know that sanitizers can be toxic to pets?! Check out this video for tips to keep your pet safe while keeping your surroundings squeaky clean! We are still providing curbside care under our COVID-19 protocol. Please call before scheduling or arriving at our office, so we can better assist you and your pets. [...]

Clearing Up Coronavirus Confusion

Follow along and learn what is fact and what is fiction in regards to your pets and the coronavirus, as well as useful tips to keep you and your pets as safe as possible! https://www.facebook.com/mountpleasantanimalhospital.sc/videos/2067624460050184/ ***We are open and still providing curbside care under our COVID-19 protocol. Please call (843) 884-4921, before scheduling or arriving [...]

Answers to Your Questions About Coronavirus and Pets

Many pet owners we speak with are concerned about whether the recent coronavirus outbreak can affect their pets. We seem to be hearing about coronavirus at every turn, so we are not surprised that people are asking questions about their pets’ safety. We know that safety is your top priority for your family members—two- and [...]

How Do You Reduce Your Pet’s Holiday Stress?

We all love the holiday season and the traditions that come with it...trees, music, visitors, travel, foods and sweet treats, and all the sights sounds and smells that go along with it.  But these can all potentially drive your pets crazy! A stress-free holiday season for you, and your fur baby, makes everyone joyful!  How [...]

In Need Of Pet Boarding Pointers?

Whether your pet is a frequent flyer, or a first timer, check out these helpful tips before your pet's next boarding reservation! AGE: Geriatric and very young pets may not do well in a high stress environment.  Good or bad, stress is still stress! With all the excitement of new sights and sounds, some pets [...]

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