I was born and raised in Charleston,Sc. I grew up having animals throughout my life, there were always atleast 2 in the house throughout my childhood. I’ve always had a passion for animals and I have worked in the doggie daycare industry for roughly 5+ years as well as working with cats during that time. I’ve worked with farm animals like goats, horses, pigs, donkeys, etc for about 3 years. I’ve also rescued quite a few dogs and cats from rough situations and one of those being my own dog Chief. I nursed one of my cats; Callie back to health after being left alone with no mom to care for her at only a few weeks old and she was also unfortunately worminfested. I have 6 animals, 2 dogs, a lab mix named Sadie and a shepherd mix named Chief; I also have 4 cats, Skye, Bubba, Callie, and Bean. On my downtime, I love spending time with all of them and taking my pups out to the park to run around and swim or take them on walks to the beach.