A native of South Carolina, Laura was introduced to veterinary medicine at an early age. Her father, Dr. Eddy Huckabee, opened the first large- and small-animal veterinary practice in the growing town of Lexington, SC in the Piedmont region of the State. Growing up in the world of rural veterinary medicine, Laura went on farm calls and was an office aide. A lover of horses, Laura could also be found venturing out to local shows or crossing the then two-lane Highway 378 to seek greener pastures to gallop across. Her love of all things nature extended to fossil collecting that continues today. College at Clemson University was an easy choice as she had grown up going to the games with her family. (Dr. Huckabee also attended Clemson as an undergraduate.) There, Laura met and later married Kevin Shuler. From Clemson it was on to Veterinary school at Tuskegee University. Following graduation, she returned to her native South Carolina but this time to the Lowcountry to practice with her husband at his family-owned Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital. In her leisure time, Dr. Laura enjoys cooking, jogging, horseback riding, Pilates, fossil collecting, or helping assist Dr. Kevin in coaching their two boys’ ball teams. Dr. Laura strives in all ways to help better the lives of all the “four-legged children” she sees and their pet parents.