Though new to the Charleston area, Amanda is a Carolina girl through and through. Originally from Charlotte, N.C., Amanda also spent a lot of her childhood on the dirt backroads in S.C. on the hunt for snakes and critters with her father, or exploring the woods when given the the chance. With her father being a zoologist growing up and her mother being an animal lover as well, she had all kinds of animals in the home. Dogs, cats, snakes, fish, birds, mice, and even a skunk!

As she got older, her love of animals only grew. Her biggest passion lies with canine psychology, zoology, and veterinary technology. She took sometime to focus on animal psychology, training dogs, and growing her knowledge in that area of the animal world while living in Florida for some time.

After her husband was stationed in Charleston, Amanda decided to focus on her childhood dream – the veterinary world. She is super excited and eager to provide the best care possible for the furry members of your family.

When not caring for your fur babies, Amanda is spending time with her own dogs – an Australian Shepherd mix named Charm, a Pomeranian mix named Stitch, and a Husky named Maya. She also enjoys reading and hiking in the mountains.