Quick Dental Exam

Q: How are we providing you 2 extra years with your pet?

A: We are now using Orastrip Quick Check at your dog and cat’s wellness visits to provide early detection of periodontal disease!

This quick exam room test provides instant identification for the presence of periodontal disease. This harmful disease of the mouth effects up to 80% of pets by age 3 and can occur as early as 6 months of age! It is impossible to see periodontal disease with the naked eye as it occurs under the gum line and causes the loss of bone and teeth. If left untreated the bacterial infection causing this dental disease can then spread through the bloodstream to the heart, liver, and kidneys. This can lead to irreversible damage of these vital organs. Periodontal disease has also been liked to insulin resistance in diabetic pets. Diagnosing and treating this disease early is important to us for the well being of your pet! Call us today to extend your pets life! Call Us Today! (843) 884-4921

For further information on this topic see: yourpetsoralhealth.com

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