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The right diet should do more than provide calories for your dog or cat. It should work synergistically with the digestive, metabolic, and immune systems to maximize his health and longevity. Providing proper nutrition not only keeps your pet healthy but can also allow the body to recover faster from injury or disease and help bolster the immune system. Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital offers a complete line of veterinary diets designed to promote recovery from illnesses, manage long-term diseases, and maintain healthy weights. Before making any changes to your pet’s food on your own, please consult with us so that we can determine the best therapeutic diet for your specific case. We address the nutritional needs of the dog or cat as a whole and only use specialized foods such as Royal Canin®, Hill’s Prescription Diets®, and Purina Veterinary Diets® which are exclusively available through veterinary hospitals. Our veterinary diets deliver high-quality, premium nutrition with exceptional palatability.

The science of pet nutrition has advanced to the point that there are now preventive diets, breed specific diets, and “Early Care” diets (Royal Canin®).  Ask us which food is right for your pet. Our trained “Fit-For-Life” Weight Management Certified staff is available to help you choose the right Royal Canin USA® veterinary diet to keep your pet happy, healthy, and active.

How are food ingredients utilized by the body?

  1. For Development and Maintenance – Proteins, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and some lipids (fats) provide the building blocks for tissue development and continued maintenance of body systems.
  2. For Energy – Carbohydrates and lipids (fats) power the metabolism.
  3. As a Preventative – This is achieved with specific nutrients incorporated into food rations such as antioxidants and nutraceuticals. Nutrients can contribute to the prevention of renal infections or digestive disorders, for example, and have an anti-aging effect.
  4. As Medicine – Certain nutrients added to food support the therapeutic or convalescence process, helping pets recover from a number of ailments.


Nutritional Support for Each Condition
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Nutritional Support for Canines

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Feline Nutrition

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Please see our Pet Food page under the Veterinary Products menu item for the quality veterinary pet nutrition we can provide.